Summit Lamp Corporation
108 E 12th St Salisbury, North Carolina 28144
(631) 847-8888

Our Policies

  • California State Law requires all supplies that ship into California to include a CFL bulb or be wired for CFL or LED bulbs.
  • Terms are NET 30 days, for those customers with proper references. Accounts that are PAST DUE may be charged, at our discretion, a LATE PENALTY FEE of 2% per month or part off. Accounts turned over for collection will be responsible for all late penalty fees as well as any additional fees and costs incurred in collection of our invoice.
  • New accounts should furnish SLC with 3 credit references, a bank reference, and a statement authorizing the references to release information to us.
  • We accept credit cards from American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard, and Visa. We process credit cards under the merchant name of Lites and Things. Please provide the card number, expiration date, security code, the name as it appears on the card, and the billing address of the card. We charge the customer's credit card approximately 24 hours before shipping. The customer might sign the PO or charge authorization.
  • Orders for new customers should clearly show, the "Bill To" and "Ship To" addresses, the phone and fax numbers, and email address (if they have one) and should be signed by the owner.
  • Item Ordering Please try and use our numbers. If you want to change a color or pattern and are not sure about the correct letters or numbers to use, then give us the lamp profile ID and write out the color and descriptions. If we do not understand your description, we can always call you.
  • Shipments are FOB the Factory, Salisbury, NC.
  • Shipping & Freight Instructions All shipments will go the most cost-effective or best way at factory's discretion. If we ship UPS, Fedex and prepaid truck shipments, then the freight handling charges will be added to the invoice. Truck shipments go collect. If we are told to ship collect and we arrange the trucking, we will send a quote based upon pickup and delivery, dock-to-dock, not ground level or inside delivery. Our truck freight discounts apply to the customer unless they have a discount program setup with the carrier already. We do not guarantee freight charges, unless prior arrangements have been made. A customer may always specify a carrier of their choice.
  • Since shipments are FOB the Factory, our liability for damages and shortages ends upon a signed pickup sheet or bill of lading. Claims of shortages or damages must be made within 10 days, via fax or email. Damages must be reported to the carrier immediately. We will file claims with the carrier when the freight is prepaid or required by the carrier. See the instruction sheet in with the packing slip.
  • NO RETURNS without factory authorization. While the merchandise may be returned to SLC, we will assume no responsibility and issue no credits if no prior authorization "To Return" was obtained. This includes refused shipments.
  • Any freight allowances, guarantees or discounts become null and void if the invoice isn't paid according to terms. Accounts that pay beyond our terms are subject late charges and penalties of 2% per month. It is SLC's sole discretion to charge or waive these charges on a per occurrence basis. The past does not set a precedent for the time at hand.
  • SLC reserves the right to change a glass profile depending upon availability and to change a price to the current price at the time the order is received and accepted at our office or factory.


  • Our crackle is REAL, so sharp edges may occur, even though it is fire-polished. Caution should be used when handling.
  • Chimneys fit into the chimney cup on the lamp. Do not force the chimney. If the fit is very tight, remove chimney, push the fingers of the cup out to loosen, then insert chimney. If it is too loose, please reverse the process. Only a very small amount of pressure and movement of the fingers should be required.

Summit Lamp Corporation

108 E. 12th Street

Salisbury, NC 28144

Fax: 631 420-1579